Sunday, October 12, 2014

HDMI input shield for the olimex lime

Update: Check out the awesome work of the Videobrick team. They have developed an HDMI input shield for the olimex lime complete with software support based on the ADV7611!

The Allwinner A20 and A10 chips have a 165Mhz 24-bit parallel video input interface. What that implies is that we can theoretically feed a full HD video stream to the IPU of the SoC, encode it to h.264 and livestream it.

Proto Rev 1.0

Proto Rev 2.0

A few months ago, I designed an HDMI imput shield for the Olimex-Lime development board which essentially converts the HDMI's TMDS to a 24-bit parallel feed.  The board uses TI's TFP401 to do the conversion. 

The schematics are available at my github:

The boards has a few minor mistakes so don't build this version just yet. 
The software side is currently under development. I will release everything as soon as it is completed. 

Stay tuned,