Wednesday, September 21, 2011

YaNis EOS - Source Uploaded to Google Code!

Remember: It's not where you take things from, but where you take them to!


cosmo said...

(1) I downloaded zip and was expecting some *.java files ?
(2) The src directory contains .blk, .scm and .yall files.
(3) What am I missing?
Thanks in advance :)

mAnis said...

These are app inventor project files. Upload them to the app inventor website and open app inventor.

Should work.

Anonymous said...

any idea how do i show the actual liveview of the camera on the android phone itself?

DensLeonis said...

hi, do you need beta testers ?

Sepiroth said...

Hi, first of all, thnx for this great project:) If you don't mind, can you share EOS Command Protocol as well? i.e any document/url would be great:)

mAnis said...


Nice name, dude. The protocol is very simple. It can be read form the source file of the Android app. Use google appinventor to open the thing.